About Us

The right medical treatment can make the difference between life and death. As the field of medicine evolves to combat life-threatening illnesses and provide people with more resources and information to live healthier lives, Macromed (Pvt) Ltd strives to make its own contribution to this vital sector to help sustain lives.

We aim to service the medical and health care sector in Sri Lanka with high-tech, quality products and lasting solutions. Our company specializes in providing operating theatre and ICU equipment, surgical instruments, digital imaging, and hospital furniture, used in the fields of anaesthesia, cardio, general surgery, and orthopaedics to name a few. Macromed is also the sole importer and distributor for Merivaara, Heinen Lowenstein, Neusoft, SigmaCare, and WellMed, in Sri Lanka.

In addition to our management team, who have hands-on experience in the different areas that culminate in meeting our clients’ requirements, we have partnered with a number of established European and Asian brands in the field in order to stay abreast of developments in medical equipment and technology.

Operating on a principled basis, Macromed endeavours to be recognized as a leading supplier of medical and health care solutions in the Sri Lankan medical industry in the years to come.

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